I ♥ Monday

♥ FATEFUL by Claudia Gray: It’s got a great hook: werewolves on the Titanic! The feisty, sympathetic protagonist, Tess, is a servant to a wealthy family with lots of secrets. I’m a sucker for historical paranormal romance and this has a great voice. It’s a really fun, quick read–a perfect counterpoint to ASHES, the book I read just before it!

♥ UNDER THE NEVER SKY by Veronica Rossi (releases Jan. 3, 2012): I’m always impressed when an author pulls off dual points of view so well. I love how the reader gets to see Aria and Perry grow as individuals, banishing their initial misconceptions about each other and discovering strengths they never expected. Aria is a strong, brave heroine and Perry is—well, he’s a killer archer with blonde curls and tattoos who nevertheless has a tender side. Their romance is swoony. The supporting characters are fabulous, too. I’m really hoping for more of Roar, Perry’s best friend, and his mysterious tagalong, Cinder, in the next book. I also really enjoyed the world-building, particularly that of Perry’s world–the allegiances of the Blood Lords, the talents of Scires and Auds, and even the slang he uses (chirky, for instance).

♥ baby clothes: No, I’m not having a baby. But one of my best friends–the first of my college group–is, in six weeks or so. She had a baby shower yesterday, and I got to go to Babies-R-Us and pick out the cutest little bibs and onesies. I couldn’t stop buying stuff with owls on it. Weirdly, all the owl stuff was in the boy section. Why? I like owls! I’m a girl! And the girl section– I like pink A LOT, but I was kind of appalled by all the pink and ruffles and weird gender-reinforcement going on there. But the cute little owl onesies…SO CUTE.

♥ The Dry Spells. I can’t remember if I’ve linked to them before, but they’ve become go-to music for book2, the same way as Snow Patrol, Florence + the Machine, and Mumford & Sons. I am crazy excited for F+tM’s new album.

♥ Fall TV! I was really excited for The Secret Circle (yay, witches!) but it’s not doing it for me. The guy who’s supposed to be Cassie’s love interest just seems like a creeper. But I’m really digging The Lying Game. I love stuff about twins! Last week’s episode was really soapy with the Thayer-Sutton-Emma-Ethan quadrangle and also creepy because Mads’ dad is so evil! And then there’s Vampire Diaries. There were two swoony Damon-Elena moments last week. And I didn’t see that moment at the end coming AT ALL. Poor Caroline!

What about you? What are you reading or listening to or watching that you ♥ this week?


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