Question Friday: Cookie Edition

Today’s question is in honor of my bestie and her mom, who are spending tomorrow doing their epic annual Cookie Day, baking a dozen different kinds. (My favorite of theirs is always the chocolate cookie with the Rolo inside.)
1. Sugar cookies: soft and chewy, OR thin and crunchy?

2. Sugar cookies: sprinkles, icing, both, OR neither?

3. Snickerdoodles OR gingerbread men OR chewy molasses?

4. Chocolate chip OR chocolate-chocolate chip OR peanut butter Hershey’s kiss cookies?

5. Cranberry-white-chocolate OR orange cookies?

What’s your favorite Christmas cookie? I’m going to go with these cardamom cookies

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  1. Rachel

    1) Soft and chewy sugar cookies

    2) Sugar cookies with sprinkles and icing

    3) gingerbread men

    4) Chocolate chip

    5) Cranberry-white-chocolate

    My favorite Christmas cookie? Gingerbread men, so yummy 🙂

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