Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Monkey & The Playwright & me!








Tomorrow we’re heading up to Gettysburg to spend Christmas with my family. Tonight we are going to a Hanukkah party. Maybe. Steve is going, but I twisted my neck this morning and am now lumbering around the house like Frankenstein, unable to turn my head to the left without crying. I might have to stay home and read a book in bed instead. I have several Apocalypsies ARCs on my nightstand, so that wouldn’t be such a bad proposition actually. Except the Hanukkah party is latke-themed: the hosts are making latkes, the guests are bringing toppings, there is a competition for Best Topping, and Steve is making both a sriracha cream sauce and a cheese & faux-bacon sauce! *sadface* I would be sad to miss it. But tomorrow I’ll get to see my mom and my sisters and eat cookies and play board games, and they won’t care if I look like Frankenstein. Family is wonderful like that.

Hope you and your family or friends-who-are-chosen-family have a lovely, relaxing, joyful holiday! I’ll be back next week to share some gorgeous stills from the BORN WICKED trailer, my favorite reads of 2011, and my resolution for 2012.

I leave you with my new favorite ornament, my Christmas octopus.


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