BORN WICKED Launch Party

Hi! I have my first real event tonight — a teen book club at Alexandria’s Hooray for Books! — and then I leave for Chicago tomorrow for Breathless Reads. I have been spending my afternoon watching last night’s Downton Abbey (yay, Sybil! Boo, Lord Grantham! Shut up, Mary!), and trying not to throw up. I am kind of terrified of public speaking. But I am really excited to meet readers! Hopefully I will get past the nervousness SOON.

Anyway, I shall share pics from the launch party to distract myself. It was SO much fun. Like a wedding — there were all of these lovely people from various parts of my life (college, high school, writer friends, theatre friends) showing up to celebrate with me. There were about 75 of us at Sova, our local coffee shop/wine bar. The bartender made blue Cosmos called Born Wickeds, and Menus catering delivered some delicious nibbles, and the bookstore sold out of books because my friends were so generous. The Playwright even made a very sweet toast. Thank you to everyone who came!


Baby fan Kevin! How cute is he?





Group shot! I love the chandeliers. I want a chandelier for my house. I say this every.single.time we go to Sova.




Me with our friends Scott & Jason, who have been fantastic supporters. Don’t you love Scott’s bow tie?





Me happily signing books for my best friend and her mom. I LOVE signing my books!



Me with fabulous critique partner Kathleen Foucart, who came up from Virginia to celebrate with me!




And last but not least, me with my friend Molly the Librarian. Yay libraries! And doesn’t the gold foil on the title stand out all pretty?

There are lots more pictures on Facebook, too!





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