Happy News: Events, Foreign Sales, & Reviews

I’m back from my cruise and full of happy news!

1. A reminder: I will be at Houston Teen Book Con this weekend! I’m on the Adults are Overrated panel with Orson Scott Card, Alexandra Adornetto, Inara Scott, and Maggie Stiefvater! I’m really looking forward to this. Houston was one of my favorite stops for Breathless Reads; it has some amazing book bloggers who have been incredibly supportive of BORN WICKED.

2. I will be doing my very first live videochat here on Monday, April 16 at 7pm with the other Breathless Reads ladies (Andrea Cremer, Marie Lu, Beth Revis). Come ask us questions, ok?

3. The Cahill Witch Chronicles has sold in two more foreign territories: Sweden and Russia! Yay!! (This makes nine total, joining Italian, Spanish, Hebrew, Brazilian, UK, German, and French rights.)

4. School Library Journal gave BORN WICKED an amazing review, saying (emphasis mine): Spotswood is spot-on not only in her vision of this nightmarish alternate society, but also in her smooth melding of historical and (slightly) gothic romance with the strong spice of suspense. Natural dialogue, perceptive primary and secondary characterizations, and a palpable sense of place contribute to an involving plot and move the action rapidly forward. Whiffs of humor and a sly wit reminiscent of the best Regency romances accompany a potent love triangle that will charm readers. When handsome Finn Belastra reveals his heroic side, Cate thinks: “If he was handsome before, now he’s doubly so. Still, I can’t go falling in love with the gardener.” While three witch sisters and a prophecy may echo television’s Charmed Ones, there the similarity ends in this original, smoothly written adventure. This first title in the series is more than promising; readers will be swooning for the next one.

5. And BORN WICKED got its first STARRED review!  It received a fairly rare 5Q 5P rating from VOYA, who said (again, emphasis mine): Spotwood’s debut novel is enchanting and addicting. Born Wicked is a beautiful beginning to The Cahill Witch Chronicles. The author’s elegant writing supports a well-constructed plot and realistic characters. The story provides an alternative history that draws from the Salem witch trials and Puritanism. The Brotherhood upholds the laws by keeping a watchful eye on the members of society. The dynamic characters bring the suspenseful story to life. The Cahill sisters are a feisty, rebellious trio that readers will not forget. This paranormal romance will capture any reader’s imagination, even if he or she is not interested in witchcraft and magic. It is a must-have for any library.


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