Thoughtful Thursday

  • I finally saw THE AVENGERS last night! I’ve heard lots of swooning over Loki, but my favorite by far is Tony Stark. A smart superhero who banters? Yes, please.
  • On a similar note, I love SHERLOCK so much. Big brains are sexy.
  • On ladies, too. Besides VAMPIRE DIARIES (see:  boys who banter), my current favorite TV show is REVENGE. I love Amanda. And Nolan. I could kind of care less about both Daniel and…God, I had to stop and look up his name, he’s so bland…Jack.
  • While I was toiling away on the last draft of STAR CURSED, toward the end, I hardly left the house. Balance kind of flew out the window. I’m discovering that I feel much better if I go out and write in coffee shops and run errands and don’t nap the afternoon away, and go to bed by 2 am instead of 5 or 6. We’ll see how it works as my next deadline approaches. But to this end, I just bought some styling red Skullcandy aviator headphones. I am hopeful they’ll help me concentrate in coffee shops as well as The Playwright does.
  • I went to Whole Foods today. For 4 years I lived right next to a WF and went there all the time, but the nearest one is across the city now. It’s like Real Simple and New Year’s and to-do lists — there’s something aspirational and delicious about it. Like if I shop there and eat all those organic foods and fresh vegetables I will be a better person. I bought spinach feta salmon burgers and extra-sharp cheddar and a bunch of random things. (I’m dieting at the moment, so I resisted the brownie bites.)
  • My favorite music right now is the Jane Austen Argument. They toured with Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman last fall and we really enjoyed them when we saw them in concert, but then I sort of forgot until this week.
  • I’m going to my ten-year college reunion on Saturday with The Playwright and a bunch of friends. Our schedule, awesomely, is: wine-tasting at the literary house, beer-tasting at the alumni house, dinner, drama alumni show. I’m very excited. I really loved my school (Washington College) and I can’t wait to see old friends.
  • Coloring all of this extra-happy — I think Editor Ari and I have finally figured out STAR CURSED. This book has been so hard, you guys. Something about it has just been eluding me; that magical click of knowing you’ve got it right has been missing. But I think it’s getting really close now. This draft, I hope!

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