July Update

Hiii! It’s kind of freaking me out that it’s the end of July already, but at the same time, I’m eager for Fall to arrive – my favorite season by far! I can’t wait for tea and sweaters and scarves and chocolate-chip pumpkin muffins and changing leaves and being able to walk outside without feeling like I’m swimming through humid, soupy air. At the same time, I’ve got LOADS of fun things planned for August, including a week at my parents’ to lounge by their pool. Yay for a cheap getaway!

The least two weeks The Playwright and I have been seeing loads of plays at the CapFringe Festival. His play, WE TIRESIAS, has been garnering great reviews and enthusiastic audiences. I’ve seen eight plays, all awesome – two standouts were the devised piece BEERTOWN by Dog & Pony DC, which was structured like a town hall meeting in which the audience got to weigh in on artifacts to go into the Beertown time capsule, and Pinky Swear Production’s CABARET XXX, in which four kickass ladies sang beautiful and hilarious songs.  We’ve also spent a few nights hanging out at the Fringe tent downtown, which is chock-full of theatre-makers both working and partying hard. I suspect CapFringe is The Playwright’s favorite time of year. Like, better than Christmas. 

I’m also hard at work revising the second half of STAR CURSED, which includes some of my favorite scenes ever. I can’t say much about it yet because it’s still almost a year away. But the cover shoot for all three Cahill Witch books was this week – yes, Penguin is changing the BORN WICKED cover for paperback – and I heard it went brilliantly, and I can’t wait to see pictures! 

Next week I’ll be participating in the YA Scavenger Hunt – my post is about fashion in The Cahill Witch Chronicles world with pictures of actual historical dresses that inspired me! I’ll be giving away a signed copy of BORN WICKED plus several bonus swag packs, which now include VERY pink BORN WICKED bracelets. 

I’m also thinking about starting a monthly newsletter. Readers, would you be interested in this? I’m thinking it would include news on events, any exciting bookish updates, and reading recommendations – my favorite reads of the previous month. I SO need to do a post with book recs on the blog next week – I’ve read tons of great stuff lately, including ALTERED by Jennifer Rush, MY LIFE NEXT DOOR by Huntley Fitzpatrick, THE LITTLE WOODS by McCormick Templeman, THE VICIOUS DEEP by Zoraida Cordova, PUSHING THE LIMITS by Katie McGarry, and two truly fantastic 2013 books! 

Also! I have an event on Saturday at the South County Library in Roanoke, VA! 2pm. If you’re in the area, I’d love to see you, and I’ll be giving out BORN WICKED swag! 

Current favorites: 

reading: THE CAVENDISH HOME FOR BOYS & GIRLS by Claire LeGrand

listening to: the new Fiona Apple album, The Idler Wheel…

watching: as of tomorrow – the Olympics! My favorites are gymnastics, swimming, & diving

eating: lots of vegetables! I’m doing Weight Watchers with a bunch of friends

How’s your summer going?

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  1. Joanna

    Does the cover change for the paperbacks of Born Wicked mean that Star Cursed's cover design will now be matched to suit the paperbacks or the design of SC will still match BW?

  2. Desiree

    I would love a newsletter. Born Wicked was one of my favorite books that I have read this year. I mean like top two. Newsletter=brilliant idea!

  3. I wish I could go to your Roanoke event!! But unfortunately, I am so broke and can't really make the hour drive. 🙁 And you're probably not driving through Lynchburg, right?

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