Friday Finds #4

Here are a few of my favorite finds this week:  

Introvert Fairy Tales (I love Belle and Rapunzel and Little Red Riding Hood best.)

Texts from Little Women (not *as* hilarious as Texts from Jane Eyre, but still funny)

Veronica Roth’s Advice for Young Writers, which is useful I think for all writers. (I particularly liked this: Instead, hold these two ideas in tension in your mind: your work is not worthless. Your work could use improvement.)

reading: SPLENDID, a historical romance by Julia Quinn

books out this week that I most want to buy: Colleen Clayton’s WHAT HAPPENS NEXT

watching: saw a great play last night – HOLLY DOWN IN HEAVEN at Forum Theatre. Consequently I missed VAMPIRE DIARIES – so no spoilers, ok? 

working on: creating a sort of daily routine for myself. Let’s be honest, I won’t always stick to it, but I think my complete lack of one is part of why I’ve been feeling so at-loose-ends lately. One of the perils of working from home is that you can do whatever you want – but what does that look like? I’ve been doing this for a year now and I’m still not sure. I tend to go from one extreme to the other – either I’m work-work-working or I’m lazing around on the couch napping and marathoning FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS. There must be some medium ground, no? 

looking forward to: hanging out with my family this weekend in Gettysburg. My mom made a raspberry pie for meeee! It’s not on my diet but I don’t care! 

What about you? 


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