Links + Upcoming Things

Hi! Today’s a little bit crazy, so I’m skipping the Superlative Blog Fest and linking you elsewhere.

I did a post at Corsets, Cutlasses, & Candlesticks about why I’d love to visit the Victorian era (but I wouldn’t want to live there). There are pictures of some of my favorite dresses (hint: I love the 1890s designs from House of Worth!).

You can also read my Cahill Christmas scene – now from Finn’s pov! And he thinks about kissing Cate! – and enter to win a BORN WICKED paperback!

I’ll be doing another Superlative Blog Fest post tomorrow, and then a Christmassy post on Friday, and then taking a blog break for the holidays. But when I get back, I’ll be sharing lots of exciting things – my Top 10 reads of 2012, my 2013 Business Plan, and a super-exciting contest to celebrate the BW paperback release. You can win a Nook Simple Touch and any 5 of my favorite 2012 reads! STAY TUNED!

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