Happy Friday

Hi! Happy Friday!

Here’s a picture of me with the BW paperback in Safeway! I’m still super-excited that it’s in grocery stores!

And here’s another important picture from yesterday – The Playwright standing beneath the sign at Forum Theatre in downtown Silver Spring, MD, announcing his show WE, TIRESIAS. It’s a witty, genderbending take on the ancient seer Tiresias in three incarnations – the young boy who angered the goddess Hera, the woman who gave birth to the bandit king’s daughter and lost her, and the old man who met King Oedipus. The play is – like lots of Steve’s work – so bittersweet and beautiful. If you’re in the DC area, I highly recommend you see it (this production runs this weekend Thurs-Sun and next).

I’ve heard some reports that the paperback may not be in stock until Tuesday at Barnes & Noble! But it should be available now at your local indie or from Amazon, and I’ve decided the photo contest will open a bit longer – until next Sunday – Β to give you all more time to enter.

Now I’m off to the coffee shop to get in some words. Promotional stuff has taken up most of my time this week, and I’ve promised myself I’m not allowed to buy a new game for tonight’s game night unless I hit 1500 words this afternoon, and I really want to buy either Pit or Timeline (or maybe both). My other plans for the weekend involve reading SCARLET by Marissa Meyer, writing lots more words, critiquing a ms for my friend Miranda, and watching Ray Lewis in his final Ravens football game. What about you – what’s on your agenda this weekend?

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      1. froze8

        I finished reading Prodigy by Marie Lu…and Jessica Marie broke me! I'm not sure how I will be able to read a book again and put my heart out like that.

  1. Stephanie

    Love the colors on the paperback. My friend and I were at our local Powell's Bookstore (the big famous one) and I had to drag her down to the place where your book was. And guess what?! Your books was being featured face forward, unlike so many others that are just spine. So I considered that a good sign for the series! πŸ™‚

  2. The BW paperback is not released here in the UK until 7 Feb! Boo! But I’ll definitely be picking it up when it hits the shops. I love the pretty new cover so much! I’m hoping to get lots more writing done this weekend, as I’m back at the day job in a few days time. Hope you have a great weekend!

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