Thrice Interview + Giveaway: PROVIDENCE

Hi!  Today we’re celebrating Lisa Colozza Cocca’s debut, PROVIDENCE, which comes out today!

Before we start — why are they called Thrice interviews? The original titles for the Cahill Witch Chronicles were THRICE BLESSED, THRICE CURSED, and THRICE FATED. I have a tattoo with the word thrice, which is partly to remind me how joyful writing that first book was, back when it was just mine, and partly because I like threes. Cate Cahill is the oldest of three sisters, as am I. My birthday is May 3; my anniversary is Sept 30. So there’s a natural theme to these interview questions…


They say: The eldest of ten children on a dirt-poor farm, Becky trudges through life as a full-time babysitter, trying to avoid her father’s periodic violent rages. When the family’s barn burns down, her father lays the blame on Becky, and her own mother tells her to run for it. Run she does, hopping into an empty freight car. There, in a duffel bag, Becky finds an abandoned baby girl, only hours old. After years of tending to her siblings, sixteen-year-old Becky knows just what a baby needs. This baby needs a mother. With no mother around, Becky decides, at least temporarily, this baby needs her. When Becky hops off the train in a small Georgia town, it’s with baby “Georgia” in her arms. When she meets Rosie, an eccentric thrift-shop owner, who comes to value and love Becky as no one ever has, Becky rashly claims the baby as her own. Not everyone in town is as welcoming as Rosie, though. Many suspect Becky and her baby are not what they seem. Among the doubters is a beautiful, reclusive woman with her own terrible loss and a long history with Rosie. As Becky’s life becomes entangled with the lives of the people in town, including a handsome boy who suspects Becky is hiding something from her past, she finds her secrets more difficult to keep. Becky should grab the baby and run, but her newfound home and job with Rosie have given Becky the family she’s never known. Despite her guilt over leaving her mother alone, she is happy for the first time. But it’s a happiness not meant to last. When the truth comes out, Becky has the biggest decision of her life to make. Should she run away again? Should she stay–and fight? Or lie? What does the future hold for Becky and Georgia? With a greatness of heart and a stubborn insistence on hope found in few novels of any genre, PROVIDENCE proves that home is where you find it, love is an active verb, and family is more than just a word.

I say: This sounds amazing!

Now for our interview with Lisa:​

1. Describe your main character in 3 adjectives + a noun.

Becky is a resourceful, caring, and unworldly heroine.

2. Describe your book in 3 adjectives + a noun.

PROVIDENCE is a heartfelt contemporary realistic novel.

3. Describe yourself in 3 adjectives + a noun.

Lisa is a trusting, inquisitive, and klutzy writer.

4. If you could travel to any 3 countries, what would they be?

Austria, Ireland, and Australia

5. If you could take any 3 non-writing-related classes, what would they be?

I would take a baking class, a painting class, and an interior design class. (JS: ooh, I’d love to take baking and interior design, too!)

6. If you could have any 3 alternate careers, what would they be?

Assuming you mean something I haven’t already done, I wish I had the talent and knowledge to be the person who selects music for movies and television shows. Another choice would be to work as a curator at a museum of American history. Again if the wish package came with the needed skills, my third choice would be architect.

7. What are your 3 favorite flowers?

I love tulips, orchids, and pansies.

8. What are your 3 favorite foods?

I love filet mignon, lobster tail, and cake.

9. What are your 3 favorite books?

I loved THE HELP by Kathryn Stockett, THE KITE RUNNER by Khaled Hosseini, and on the kidlit side, I loved THE VIEW FROM SATURDAY by EL Konigsburg.

Thanks for stopping by, Lisa!

You can find out more about Lisa and PROVIDENCE at her website or by following her on twitter or Facebook.

She is generously giving away one signed copy of PROVIDENCE to a winner in the US. The contest is open till next Tuesday at midnight. Please fill out the Rafflecopter below to enter!

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  1. Erin E.

    After receiving a swag pack, I have begun to read What the Moon Said by Gayle Rosengren. Providence sounds like a great book!

  2. Marie

    I'm not reading anything (I'm looking at my bookshelf trying to pick something interesting) but I just finished by Meg rosoff.

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