Things Look Different Around Here…

Hi! Welcome to my new website, redesigned by the wonderful Erin Bowman. It’s been an embarrassingly long time since I’ve posted any news, but now that I have these gorgeous new digs, I’m excited to sharing more about the things I’m reading (finishing some fabulous scary stories in honor of Halloween), watching (Switched at Birth), listening to (Halsey) and — of course — writing!

I have shiny new pages for my 2016 books, A TYRANNY OF PETTICOATS and WILD SWANS, and there’ll be more info — like a WILD SWANS cover! — coming soon. In the meantime, feel free to look around, check out my upcoming events, see the extras on the Cahill Witch Chronicles page, and come say hi on social media! I love hearing from readers.

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    1. Jessica

      Aw, thanks for wanting to read more about the Cahills, Sara! I may write a short story or scenes to share online someday. But I think no more books, and the characters who are dead will stay dead!

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