Praise for WILD SWANS

Hi! I am super excited to share some great news for WILD SWANS:

First, every author I know is a little trepidatious about Kirkus. Their reviews are anonymous and they can be very critical. So imagine my delight when I get an email from my publicist last week that WILD SWANS had gotten its first trade review — and it was a starred review — from Kirkus! They said:

★ Ivy’s journey is handled perfectly, and it’s her story at heart. For anyone who suffers from too-heavy expectations, Ivy will ring true in this engaging, nearly flawless coming-of-age novel

Nearly flawless! You guys, Kirkus is kind of renowned for finding flaws. I was so happy and relieved that I literally cried in the coffee shop. (You can read the whole review here, if you’re interested.)

And as if that isn’t happy-making enough, we’ve also received two very kind blurbs. (For those who might not know, blurbs are the quotes that go on the book jacket, and they’re meant to suggest that if you like these authors’ works, you might like this book, too.)

A beautiful novel about the complexity of family and the magic of first love.  I couldn’t stop turning the pages. — Lauren Barnholdt, author of Two Way Street

A story of first love and self-discovery as sweet as it is compelling. — Jennifer Salvato Doktorski, author of The Summer After You and Me

Hooray! Thank you so much, Lauren & Jennifer!

WILD SWANS is now less than three months from release (it comes out on my birthday — May 3!). I can’t wait to share Ivy and her sisters and Connor and Claire and Abby and Alex with you all.

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