I ♥ Monday (Ok, Technically Tuesday)

CHIME by Franny Billingsley. Briony Larkin has a powerful secret: she is a witch, responsible for injuring both her sister Rose and her stepmother in witchy rages. The Old Ones, angered by the draining of the swamp, have been killing off the town’s children, and Briony’s determined to stop them and save Rose even it means being hanged as a witch…I loved this book so hard. I may have taken a nap with it this weekend, clutched to my heart like a teddy bear. I  loved Briony–how, even though her stepmother’s done her best to convince her she’s a wicked girl, Briony can’t quite manage to hate herself all the time; how she’s clever and pretty and strong and knows it. I loved the romance between her and Eldric, how they laugh and banter and learn to trust one another, how note-perfect her jealousy is, how the end made me cry. I loved the Swampsea, too, how the setting was another character. I really cannot recommend this book enough. I think it may be my very favorite of the year so far.

♥ Tulips. I never loved tulips before this spring, honestly. I’ve always thought in terms of tulips vs. roses and I’m a girl who loves roses. Tulips seemed…meek. Boring. But we planted some bulbs last fall (by “we” I mean The Playwright, under my instruction) and I’ve been stalking them as they sprouted and they’re open now and they’re so pretty! Big pink bowls of tulips. They’re not meek at all. I’m sorry for doubting them.

♥ Spring. I am so ready for it to be really-truly spring. For drinking white wine on my porch and barbecues with friends and dinners on the patios of restaurants on Barracks Row and green flip-flops and my enormous pink sunglasses and dresses without cardigans and gigantic sunny yellow bags and planting herbs and windows open and please can it be May yet?

What do you ♥ today?

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  1. I've always loved tulips – it might be because they're a banner of spring, so it feels like they open up the world to sunshine 🙂

    Today I love that I have a group writer dinner to look forward to tonight!!

  2. Marissa Meyer

    I'm so excited about spring and tulips too! Ours are just about to bloom. ^_^

    This is completely self-serving, but I'm rather in love with my new facebook author page. It makes me feel official!

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