I ♥ Monday (On Wednesday)

♥ My book is off to typesetting! I can’t wait to see it all prettified. Also, I am done with it! Don’t get me wrong, I love Cate and Finn and Sachi and everyone, but I’ve done three major drafts and line edits and more line edits and a host of tweaks and copyedits in the last four months. I haven’t been away from it for more than a week. My editor told me to take a month off before I start outlining the second book in The Cahill Witch Chronicles, and I will happily comply. My plans for July include reading a lot of books, drinking wine, catching up with friends, and seeing some CapFringe plays.

♥ THE UNBECOMING OF MARA DYER by Michelle Hodkin. OMG. This book. I’ve been wanting to read it since Michelle entered Nathan Bransford’s first paragraph contest in 2009, and it totally lived up to its hook. As someone who’s struggled with anxiety, who spent months feeling broken and wondering if I was crazy, I related to Mara. Uncomfortably so, sometimes. But Mara’s amazing–no matter how much she’s hurting and doubting herself, she keeps going, and she’s so much stronger and more compassionate than she gives herself credit for. The dialogue is witty and hilarious without ever feeling overwritten–the kind of dialogue that feels pitch-perfect and gives me serious writer-envy. And Noah Shaw–guys. Noah is British and perpetually disheveled and crazy-hot and smart and he’s going on my list of favorite book boys.

♥ The Pretty Reckless. I unrepentantly love GOSSIP GIRL (I kind of want to be Blair Waldorf, or at least have her clothes. And I find Chuck Bass shamefully attractive.). But I was surprised that I actually really, really like Little J (aka Taylor Momsen)’s music.

♥ Jolly Rancher popsicles. They are colors not found in nature and they are delicious.

♥ The fact that tomorrow is my very last day at my day job! I’m SO excited to be writing full-time. A more thoughtful post on that soon.

What do you ♥ today?

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