BORN WICKED Paperback Cover Reveal + Contest!

So, as I’ve mentioned on Twitter, Penguin’s decided to change the look of the Cahill Witch Chronicles. This means BORN WICKED has a new cover for paperback (which comes out Jan 3), and STAR CURSED (which now comes out June 18) and book 3 will follow this look.

Now, I totally adored the first cover. And I know from a reader’s perspective, it can be annoying when your books don’t match. But they’re hoping that this new look will attract new readers, and I want loads of people to read about Cate and Maura and Tess, so I totally support this!

I’m a little nervous. Can you tell?

Ok. Here’s the new cover!

What do you think? I love the colors of the sky and the big moon and the black birds. (Careful readers might remember that Brenna talks about crows.) I love that Cate looks as though she’s doing some kind of powerful magic. It stresses different things than the first cover – I think it looks more YA, and much witchier, while still having a romantic feel to it.

I got to see the STAR CURSED cover this week, and a few things are still being finessed, but it’s even more beautiful, and it will be released later this month.

And of course there’s a contest. I hope you’ll help me spread the word! This one is open to the US and Canada until next Thursday.
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  1. It's SO pretty! And it does relate to the story perfectly! I do love the first one, which I have, but won't mind adding this one to my shelf too 🙂 Congrats! Can't wait to see Star Cursed's cover too!

  2. It's so different. But in a good way! I love both covers. I can't wait to see the new one in bookstores and get my hands on Star Cursed. I'm sad the wait will be a little longer though. I'm sure it's worth the wait 🙂

  3. Lena Marsteller

    It is very pretty!!!! and if they feature the one different sister on each cover, i will probably buy each new book haha.

  4. Linnea

    Although the new cover is great, the old one was so much prettier. And it would be fun to know what new readers this cover will attract, because I think both covers would attract pretty much the same readers, GIRLS. I'm really disappointed because I was looking forward to see the Star Cursed cover.. It just feels like they want us to buy the old book again just so it will match.. I don't know about all the other readers, but I choose my books very carefully because I don't have that much money. So it's not possible, nor do I want to, buy the same book once again. Although I hate when books in the same series don't match..

    I hope you at least think about this in the future.

    Love your blog though!

    / A swedish born wicked fan

    1. Oh, I'm sorry you feel that way! I definitely don't expect readers to buy the paperback if they've already bought the hardcover. I think the reasoning (in the slightly repressed US) was that the first cover (which I loved too) was too suggestive/sexy – the content is appropriate for probably mature 10 and up, but parents and booksellers were hesitant to recommend to younger readers with that cover! It's definitely not a decision Penguin made lightly or to try to bilk readers out of their money again.

      Thanks for reading though and for sharing your thoughts!

  5. Desiree

    The new cover is beautiful but being as I have to buy hardbacks of the books that I REAAAALY love, I am going to have the old cover. I own Born Wicked on my kindle but I am for sure getting a hardback!

  6. Jess, I love it 🙂 I am going to miss seeing how the next two covers would have been designed following the hardback of Born Wicked, but – c'est la vie! I hope you love it and that it encourages hoards of people to buy it! I know I will.

    Love ya!

  7. Heather K.

    The old cover is great too (and I love the book) but this cover is gorgeous! This has a more modern look. The girl is beautiful and the moon and ravens are a perfect addiction. A+!:)

  8. Morgan

    I'll be honest… I'm not sure I would pick this up in a bookstore with the new cover. I know the story is still the same, and the blurb is what really made me read it, but the first cover of Born Wicked was so enticing. I would glance at this and keeping moving- this looks too much like every other book out there, many of which aren't nearly as good. It's also a little girly. I miss the mysterious tone…. in any case, I will definitely be buying Star Cursed, whatever the cover looks like!

    1. Thanks for your thoughts, Morgan! I'm sorry you don't love the new cover, but I hope you'll like the SC one better – it's a little darker and more mysterious, I think, and I LOVE the look on Cate's face…I can't wait to share it with you guys! Soon!

  9. I absolutely LOVE the new cover. I agree, it's much witchier and for this reason alone, I am ALL IN. While the original cover is one of my favorite covers of the year, this is wonderful in its own way. I will buy the paperback just to have this cover, I love it so much!

  10. I loved the old cover, it was so pretty and romantic! But I agree with you, this one looks much more YA and paranormal. I actually thought the old cover was a romantic historical fiction book. But I really like the purple and the crows on the new one!

    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  11. Mad props Penguin-people!! The original was stunning and captivating, but this one just FEELS right to me. Also, I am obsessed with crows.

    I can't wait to see Star Cursed's cover 🙂

  12. Henrietta @ Leisure Reads

    I like both the old and new covers, but I think the new one really brings out an ominous vibe of something bad is happening. It reminds me of how Cate is often unsure of where her power is leading her and yet she feels she doesn't have a choice but to use her magic. Thanks for offering the ARCs and swag pack, I'm excited!

  13. JvAmigodoLivro

    UAU .. A capa está realmente maravilhosa. Ansioso pelo lançamento do livro aqui no Brasil. Acredite, estão todos esperando pelo romance 🙂


  14. While I loved the first cover and thought it fit the book really well, the new one is not too bad…just different, It has really nice coloring, although I totally cannot stand when a series changes covers mid-way through.

    Change of covers aside, I am still so excited about the next book in the series. =)

  15. Becky Wallace

    I loved the original, but you’re right. This one has a younger feel…I think it’s the pastels. It’s pretty like Easter!

  16. I think this new cover is gorgeous, but must admit that I like the old one better. I think that the old one captured the feel and pacing of the novel. But I can definitely see how this new cover will appeal more to the YA audience and younger girls in general. Though I'm not happy about my book covers not matching…if it helps improve your reach then, I'm happy for you!

    1. Thank you! I know, it's annoying when series don't match. I think the reasoning was that the first cover (which I loved too) was too suggestive/sexy – the content is appropriate for probably mature 10 and up, but parents and booksellers were hesitant to recommend to younger readers with that cover!

  17. As an older reader, the hard cover edition totally caught my eye! This one is great too, and it seems like it could open it up to a bunch of new readers!

  18. Larissa

    Yay! Congrats on the new cover! And, (((hugs))) cuz I know it's hard. I love the new cover, and I'll be getting myself a pb as soon as they come out!

  19. Oh wow, it's always interesting to see what details/themes/motifs the cover designer will pull out of your novel! I particularly like that font — slightly droid-serif, simply modern. 🙂

  20. Morgan

    Actually I've changed my mind. The more I look at the cover, the more I like it. I do love the color purple, and the moon is one of my favorite things. It's a really nice composition overall, just took me aback at first! But it is more witchy and romantic. I'll buy the paperback so my series can match, and since I read a library version in the first place! 🙂

  21. Vivalabooks

    Whoop! The original cover was great and really caught my attention, but I feel like I would pick up a book based off of this cover more than the first! The purple background with the glowing moon and the girl with her eyes closed makes you wonder what is going in her mind and what the book is about. Also, the crows add an extremely creepy factor that catches my eye! Great job! Love it!

  22. Mariah

    I really like it, it is very pretty though the original was pretty as well. I like that she is holding the crow and not just standing there.

  23. What a pity it's not international. I've read your book and I loved it. About the cover, the first was beautiful. This one is great too and I hope it gives you the success you deserve.
    Kisses from Spain.

  24. alicia marie

    I like this cover and I love the purple and the crows, and can see how this one goes along with the story, but I still LOVE the original : )

  25. Leigh Smith

    Yes, I did love the old cover. A lot. It's gorgeous. But I like the new cover too. You definitely get a little more of a feel of what this book is, which is a YA witch book. I'm sure they'll do a great job of tying all of the covers together.

  26. Sarah

    I honestly liked the old cover better, but I can see how the new cover might attract younger readers. I am always a bit sad when covers change because I like my books to match.

  27. I personally love the first cover but maybe it appeals to an older audience. I an see the new one appealing to girls more. Either way, I am intrigued by the setting for the story and hope to win!!! Thanks!

  28. While I do think this new cover is really pretty, I honestly like the first cover better. But, I am very curious to see how Star Cursed's cover looks! x]
    Thanks for sharing! ^__^

    1. Thanks, Addie! I'm hoping you'll like the SC cover – we're releasing it soon, maybe even next week! I loved the first cover too but I think this one reflects the book's content better.

  29. Claire

    Honestly, Born Wicked was put on my TBR list mainly because of the cover… the original one. I immediately thought "Gotta read this, don't even care what it's about, that is one fine looking cover," I do this from time to time. I sorta kinda don't like the new cover… which really means I hate it. I'm sorry, I am not trying to be mean or anything, but it's just not one of those covers that I would be drawn to; in fact, I'd probably just disregard Born Wicked with the new cover if I were choosing a book in a store. I just really liked the first cover.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Claire. I think the reasoning was that the first cover (which I loved too) was too suggestive/sexy – the content is appropriate for probably mature 10 and up, but parents and booksellers were hesitant to recommend to younger readers with that cover!

  30. I like the paperback cover. The crows, the moon and the colors.. really good and pretty. Although I was really in love with the first cover, I don't mind the change, I still love Born Wicked! One of my favorite books this year!

  31. camille

    Usually I really dislike one cover or the other but both are such beautiful covers that I really can't decide which I like best!

  32. I love it – so gorgeous! Purple is my favourite colour and this is all shades of purple, so it’s a winner for me! It should also stand out really well on the bookshelves, which I guess is the whole point. Love the silhouetted birds too. Great stuff! : D

  33. It's gorgeous! I love the sky.. it's purple :3 I like the old and the new cover equally.. I think the old cover has more of a witchy/creepy feel to it.. Can't wait to read the next book!! Oh yeah.. Can't wait to see Star Cursed's cover 🙂

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  34. Helenas bokhylla

    It might not have the same allure as the original cover, which is so beautiful that I can just sit and stare at it, but it probably represents the story better. Still, I wish they would've stuck with the old design.

  35. There's absolutely a very 'old fashioned witch' feel to the cover, which I LOVE. And I've also always loved flocks of crows/black birds on covers so I'm all for that. I think it definitely screams witch book, which is great, but I was so enamored of the old cover too. It was just so gorgeous, and the earthy colors with the pop of bright flowers was so striking. Still, this new cover is fantastic, and I think readers will be happy either way 🙂

  36. maryannoprea

    The cover is gorgeous! I don't know which I like better as they are both beautiful! The moon in the back really grabbed my attention, and I love the crow sitting in the 'O'!

  37. Kathy

    I can't decide which cover I like more. However, I really wish they could match. Any chance future batches of the hardback will have the new cover?

    1. Ooh, thanks for bringing my attention to that – I've been a little confused about why one person (@undefined) was leaving multiple comments but with different opinions, ha! It must be a glitch! Thanks for commenting – I loved the old cover too, but I do think the new one probably reflects the content better.

  38. I really kind of like the new cover. Though I do like the new cover, I'm one of those people who prefer my covers to match. Oh well! Congrats on the new cover! I can't wait to read Star Cursed!! 😀

  39. Joanna W.

    G8T design work! Loving the colors. Pink and purple are my favorite colors. They will complement the green used in the HB edition of Born Wicked well. The big moon is cool, and I love the crow setting inside the O. Awesome detailing there. I'll be keeping a lookout to see what Star Cursed's cover will entail. Kind of hoping the other sisters will be featured too. =D

  40. My thoughts: I prefer the original cover a bit more. I love the font and model used on the cover. I love the way she is laying in the forest and looking up at me. Her eyes look like they hold a secret only see knows….Very mysterious.

    The new cover is very beautiful and graceful. The colors mix so well together. The huge moon behind the model as well are the color of the moon is way cool. All of the raven's flying around is totally wicked awesome.

  41. Nicole McCormick

    The new cover definitely has more of a YA feel to it and is pretty, but the old cover is just gorgeous. The combination of the cover and the title is what drew me to the book in the first place. I can't say this new cover would do the same. I do love the crows though! And I love that she's holding one.

  42. I really like it! It's pretty! But I think I'm going to have to say I like the original better. 😀 They're both GORG, but I just like the colors and theme of the first a bit better! You're so lucky to have beautiful ones! Can't wait for Star Cursed.

  43. Christine

    The new cover is definitely pretty, but it feels very generic to me. I adore the old, hardcover cover. It fits the book so much more, in my opinion.

  44. I do prefer this cover. The other cover gave the character an almost seductress vibe that just didn't mesh with the character. Although I have to admit that is why I glanced at it in the first place…there was a slightly scandalous looking book in the high school library…
    However, I didn't buy it, I borrowed it…so NOW I can buy it and all my books can match. 🙂

    1. Hi Dani! I'm so glad you like the new cover. I think that suggestive/sexy look was part of the reason the cover was changed – the content is appropriate for probably mature 10 and up, but parents and booksellers were hesitant to recommend to younger readers with that cover!

  45. oh I really like this cover!!! i have to say, it is HARD to top the first cover so i won't compare but this one is also one hell of a pretty cover!! especially those COLORS and the woman's simple pose with the crow!!

  46. Haneen

    This cover is amazing i really liked the birds in the picture and how it shows the wickedness of the girl. but i honestly think that the old cover is much nicer, but no this new cover is awesome too x

  47. Kristen

    Haven’t read the book yet, so from a completely neutral prospective I like the new cover better. However, it might have been even better if her eyes were open and had some surreal effect done to them?
    After reading about the story, I can’t wait to get the book! Definitely attracts readers!

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