Year of Consistency – Week 1

Eep! Time for my first weekly check-in post. These are honestly just to keep me accountable, and I realize they are probably really really boring to anyone else. Sorry! But if you’re reading this, I invite you to weigh in with how you’re doing with your New Year’s resolutions or goals so far!

Writing: I had planned to start working last week, but I got a monster cold and instead spent several days feeling miserable and doing precious little that was productive. Today I did revise the first chapter of my new YA proposal, though! I spent some time reading it aloud, which I found very helpful, and talking to The Playwright about the kind of mood/tone I’m trying to set. (boo for not being further along – but I am really happy with that one chapter!)

Reading: I read and loved Veronica Rossi’s UNDER THE NEVER SKY novella BROOKE. It made me want to reread THROUGH THE EVER NIGHT, and I’m almost finished. I’m also more than halfway through a writing craft book, Dani Shapiro’s STILL WRITING, which I highly recommend. I hope by next week I’ll have finished both of these plus one other book plus the ms I’m critiquing for work. (success!)

Business: I was super behind on email a week ago — after the Learning Year post I got sort of deluged — but now I am almost caught up! I organized all the upcoming Thrice interviews with 2014 debuts that have been submitted so far, and scheduled all the January ones. I compiled a Corsets & Cutlasses blog post about our favorite 2013 reads, plus I wrote three of my own blog posts last week. Due to the monster cold, I haven’t yet gone to the stupid post office, though. (mostly success?)

Health: I walked five times last week, and aside from some excesses on New Year’s Eve (too much wine and too many cookies!), I’ve been doing really well on my diet! (success)

Cooking: I made my first soup project soup – Old Fashioned Tomato & Rice – last week. I also planned a bunch of healthy meals which The Playwright cooked? I’ve been sick the last few days and he’s been in rehearsals, so we’ve been falling back on a lot of takeout, unfortunately. What can I say? This veggie girl just wants some kind of veggie noodle soup/pho when she’s sick. (boo)

Social/Other: Last week I went to a New Year’s Eve party, went to a New Year’s Day brunch, and had lunch with my BFF on Thursday. The Playwright and I had a game night on Friday. I have been sick and not really left the house since. Too much extroverting? (success?)

There we go! Being sick got in my way a bit, but I’m hoping to have a more successful report next week!

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  1. sarahappifanie

    That sounds like a great week – good for you! I was sick for a few weeks and it really messed me up, productivity and health wise, but I'm back.

    One great chapter is good! I love reading out loud – it really helps you catch things you might not notice otherwise. And I'm waiting on Veronica's ebooks until ITSB comes out, and I'll buy and binge the bunch 🙂 Also, mmm veggies. (Vegan here:)

    1. I'm so impressed with vegans! I am not sure I could give up cheese; I love it so. But I've been a pescetarian for 5 years as of last week!

      I'm glad you're feeling better, too! It's so annoying that on TOP of the discomfort of being sick, it ruins all your plans and productivity!

      1. sarahappifanie

        I was worried about cheese too, actually. I never really meant to go vegan – I always thought vegans were kind of nuts, honestly 😀 But I'd been "semi-veg" for years (no beef, pork, or anything "weird") and then I realized if I hated touching chicken, I shouldn't eat it. And then I read that it's actually better to give up milk and eggs b/c they're meaner to the animals that provide those foods, and I was allergic to milk anyway, so I gave quitting it a try, and I quit eggs. I figured I'd still eat crab legs once a year, because once a year and I love them, but the more things I quit, the more I hated the other things! Unexpected. That was 2005, and vegan cheese is way better these days – phew. My favorite is the daiya pepperjack shreds – yum yum.

        That was more than you asked for, but I'm waiting to hear on something this morning and I'm feeling nervous/twitchy/chatty, so . . . 😀

        1. No, thanks for weighing in – that was interesting! A friend of mine is going dairy-free for awhile bc her new baby has an allergy so I'll recommend the Daiya pepperjack shreds to her.

          1. sarahappifanie

            Yeah they're gooood. They make great quesadillas 🙂 Daiya shreds are good, the provolone slices are good for grilled cheese, and Follow Your Heart is good shredded on pizza. I forget about the FYH, but the Daiya is soy free as well, if she cares about that too.

  2. I've been sick this week, too (I think the polar vortex decimated DC!), but I'm finally crawling out of it. I'm hoping to get some solid writing done this weekend to make up for the resulting lack of productivity. Feel better soon!

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