Whew. Today was a big day.

I had an interview this afternoon for a new job. I think it went well. They were super-friendly and totally softball. I’m never sure whether easy questions are good. Does it mean I’m a shoe-in or that they’re uninterested? They seemed impressed by my MA, though, and my familiarity with their work. (And my familiarity with several of their past/present employees, too. Hi, Liz!) 

It’s in Sales & Marketing for a theatre. I would love to work for a theatre, to feel as though I’m using that degree. While this particular theatre does not focus on my true dramaturgical love (birthing new American plays), it is within walking distance of my apartment. That would be pretty rad. And it would provide me with concrete, marketable job skills outside the secretarial realm. And I would get to interact with fun, artsy people my own age instead of sixty year old priests. There’s even a Starbucks nearby. I should get an offer (or not) within the next week or so. *Fingers crossed*

In the past, I’ve been completely anxiety-ridden and impatient during this waiting period. I took it all so personally. When I didn’t get the job I coveted, I felt like I wasn’t enough and my shiny new degree was a waste of time and OMG I suck. Lately I’m not feeling the same sense of urgency. Maybe it’s because I’ve been spending 4 hours a day writing, but I have a new appreciation for how chill my current position is. It has great benefits: tons of vacation time, free funding of my M.A., a nice big bright office, a very flexible boss. I can Gchat and read up on the YA market and listen to The Kills when things are slow. It’s very…comfortable. I’d like something more challenging, sure. But I don’t feel as deeply, personally invested in the search.

Actually, I’m more nervous for my crit group to get back to me with feedback about draft 2 of my book. I just emailed it out a few hours ago. I printed out a few copies, too, for those who’d prefer to scrawl comments on it. I even added a little cover sheet with questions (very dramaturgical of me, no?). It was exciting to hold it in my hands, to see the tactile truth of it. This is what I’ve been doing with the last year of my life. That’s a nice feeling.

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