I am sleepy, but must stay awake until laundry finishes whirring around the dryer. I am too sleepy to write proper segueways, so here are 5 random sources of delight this week:

Gossip Girl is back! I have missed it so. My dad recently inquired why texting is fun, and hello, it is clearly so that Rosaline and I can text Very Important Things back and forth while watching this show. Things like: Chuck v. hot and diabolical. How is he so hot in those awful clothes? Or Dan is an ass. So judgey! S has great hair here tho. Or I think Dan has gotten cuter? Mmmm…accent. I ogle Blair’s clothes almost as much as I ogle Chuck, which is…a lot. I find Chuck mysteriously attractive despite the turtlenecks and old-fashioned bathing costumes.

America’s Next Top Model is also back. Please don’t judge me. This show is hysterical. Tyrabot knows how to bring the drama, okay? This season among the Fierce 14 there are a transgender woman, a very sexual vegan, a naive Alaskan, a blonde redneck, a former ice-skater who was almost sold into a harem, a woman who literally won’t hesitate to throw punches, and three Britneys.

I made these blueberry crumb bars but substituted The Best Fruit Ever (aka raspberries). They turned out yummy.

I just ordered four books from Amazon: Lament by Maggie Stiefvater, Undone by Brooke Taylor, and Ecstasia and Dangerous Angels by Francesca Lia Block. I went on a Weetzie Bat spree at the library last Spring and fell in love with FLB’s luscious prose. I can’t wait ’til next week when the UPS man actually has a fun package for me at work instead of, say, proofs of a patristics text we’re reprinting.

I am in love with the track comment feature in Word. My awesome friend Chris used it to send me 340 comments on my book. Some complimentary, some snarky, some very masculine (this is a wristlet, Chris), all helpful. Helpful on so many levels, really: expository lines I can cut, unnecessary characters I can cut, minor line and character inconsistencies, and Big Plot Issues to Reconsider. It took me ages to fall asleep last night because I was thinking so much about his suggestions, I was practically twitching. I jotted down lots of notes. I’m so excited to get all this fabulous feedback!

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