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Hurry up, Fall!
I feel like this is my refrain every September. I always associate back-to-school time with the change of seasons, but it’s not. Not yet. It was a muggy 95 degrees here in DC yesterday, so sticky-hot that it seeped indoors to wilt flowers and frizz my hair, even with three air conditioners blasting. I’m tired of flushed red faces and sweat trickling down my back. I’m done with BBQs and popsicles and mosquitoes, thankyouverymuch.  
I want searing blue skies and fiery orange trees, crackling leaves and brisk breezes. I want wood-smoke and crisp red apples. For that matter, I want apple cider, apple pie, and my mom’s apple dumplings. I want to spend lazy Sunday afternoons napping to the sweet lullaby of football commentators and my husband growling at the Ravens’ offense. I want to stroll around Eastern Market sipping a maple macchiato, thinking idly of Christmas presents. I want jeans, snuggly sweaters, and knee-high leather boots. I want to make butternut-squash soup and pumpkin chocolate-chip muffins. I want to dress up for Halloween and get tipsy at a wine-tasting.
Summer makes me itchy and uncomfortable. Listless. Fall, on the other hand? Invigorating. I invent my own reading lists and make long lists of to-dos with my new purple pen.
And along those lines, I’ve just joined

 . I’m so excited to set definitive fall writing goals! Wish me luck!

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