Um. Wow.

I think I’ve just decided to switch my book from third-person past to first-person present.

I’ve never written a book in first-present before. It’s kind of scary.

But I’m more excited about writing than I have been in weeks. It feels right for this story.

I’ve been reading lots lately. Some of my favorites have been first-present. It had never even occurred to me to explore other options; third-past was just what I was comfortable with. But it is Molly’s story. Why not try telling it in her voice? I think it lends a certain immediacy to the action; I’m hoping it (along with more judicious editing) will help to fix some of my pacing issues.

Anyway, I reworked the first chapter accordingly this morning. And it flew. It’s so different. I’m not all the way sure yet, but I’ve gotten two counts of positive feedback. I am so excited to try another chapter!

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