Question Friday: Halloween Candy Edition

This was way too easy for me to dream up. Can you tell I have a major sweet tooth?

Snickers OR Milky Way?


M&Ms OR Skittles?


Hershey Miniatures: Milk Chocolate, Special Dark, Krackle, OR Mr. Goodbar?


Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups OR Peppermint Patties?


Lollipops: Thin, fruity kind that you get at the bank OR Tootsie Pops?


Gummy Worms OR Sour Patch Kids?


Bonus: What’s your all-time favorite candy? What was your childhood favorite?

I used to loooove Kit-Kat bars. My grandfather kept a dish of candy in his kitchen, and my sister and I would make a beeline for it (me for Kit-Kats, her for mini peppermint patties). Now my favorite is probably Reese’s, although I have a weakness for Dove dark chocolates as well.
Happy Halloween, everyone!

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