Question Friday: Chrismtas Cookie Edition

I’m finally in the holiday spirit, guys! We’re getting our tree tonight!


I’m inspired this week by my friend Rosaline’s epic Cookie Day. Every year, she and her mom bake hundreds upon hundreds of cookies for their friends and colleagues. Tomorrow is their Cookie Day, and since I happen to be hanging out with Rosaline tomorrow night (we’re going to see The Bloody, Strange and Wicked Origins of St. Nicholas [featuring a ten-minute play by my talented husband]), guess who will be the happy recipient of some delicious chocolate Rolo cookies?


Anyway. I digress.


Sugar cookies: with sprinkles OR without? with icing OR without?


Sugar cookies: thin and crispy, OR huge and chewy?


Cookies with fruit (oatmeal-raisin, white-chocolate cranberry) OR without?


Cookies with nuts OR ew, no, without?


Gingerbread men cookies OR gingerbread?

Cookie bars OR straight-up drop cookies?


Bonus: What’s your all-time favorite holiday cookie?

Wow, when you write "cookie" this many times, it starts to look strange.

My fave is cranberry bliss bars (made of bliss!), followed closely by my mom’s sugar-cinnamon icebox cookies (I may make some of those this weekend myself), followed by Rolo cookies. Followed by peanut-butter cup cookies, followed by…Sorry. Have I mentioned what a glutton I am for baked goods?

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