I am home again.

With my tree.

And towering Christmassy goodness.

And my thoroughly adorable monkey-cat.

But I had some lovely Christmas moments. Including, but not limited to, Christmas parties with best friends and Christmas Eve with sisters.

I also kitten-watched, won a game of Clue with my in-laws, played Ticket to Ride with my sisters, sang "Silent Night" by candlelight at church, made two successful vegetarian appetizers, discovered a new favorite holiday dessert (Oreo Truffles), helped throw a bridal shower, took several naps, rewrote ten pages of my big fight scene, visited my grandmother’s grave for the first time, ate more of my mom’s icebox cookies than I care to count, took one trip to Borders and one to Barnes & Noble, possibly consumed my last cheese-steak (am thinking seriously about becoming a pescetarian), watched Iron Man, hit my first home run in Wii baseball, spent about seven hours in the car, wrapped presents while listening to the Rent soundtrack, unwrapped presents with our three families, and received some gorgeous art and jewelry, about twenty books, and a beautiful album of old family pictures.

I am incredibly blessed.

But there is really no place like home. And I still have one whole week of vacation left!

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