Random Thursday

I’m recovered from the January plague! It took two days off sick, a lot of Inspector Lynley mysteries, and countless cups of tea, but I’m better. Yay!

And also boo: It’s like 20 degrees outside and I just wanna curl up with a blanket and my snuggly cat and a good book and some brownies. But no, I am at work, and when I go home, I cannot make brownies because I am trying to yank out my sweet tooth. I am bridesmaiding in April and I do not want to look at pics of myself next to the other, toothpick-size bridesmaid and cringe. (Steve: "But a broomstick looks fat next to her. AIR looks fat next to her!") Let’s be honest, I know it’s more important to be active and heart-healthy, but vanity is my real motivation here. I wanna fit back into those size sixes.
Also, I must read terrible scripts tonight. I stupidly volunteered to evaluate ten-minute plays for a local festival. Said evaluations are due tomorrow. The thing is, the scripts are (thus far) terrible. The second one was about a girl who beats and screams at a clown. I am not even kidding. It was billed as "an absurdist comedy," but it was heavy on the absurd and slight on the comedy.
Have you guys heard? They’re making a Gossip Girl spinoff! About Lily’s wild-child days in LA in the 80s! Check it out. I hope it will be awesome, but Gossip Girl must stay awesomer, despite the creators’ divided attention! That is our clear priority here. I was a bit disappointed by Monday’s episode. (No spoilers for your sake, Ros!) I loved the Mean Girls’ plaid coats and the adorableness of Jenny and Erik’s friendship, but I was so disappointed in Chuck. Does he want to be better, or is being "Chuck Bass" too heady? I’d like to see him support Blair for a change. They’ve given a few hints of her eating disorder and I’m wondering if it’s going to come into play this season. Also? I hate peonies. They look like funeral flowers to me, even red ones.
Also-also, the first critique of my new draft is in, and it’s from my dad. I was super-crazy-nervous for him to read it. It was so sweet of him to ask and be interested. But a lot of the story revolves around my MC’s tangled family issues, namely her parents’ divorce and her tension with her stepmom and her absent mom. Since Dad’s provided me with two stepmoms now, I was concerned he might read something unintended into that. But if he did, he didn’t mention it. His initial response was that it was "very good," and when I asked for more specifics like the whore for praise I am, he volunteered such gems as "it was not my cup of tea in the girly parts" but "I think it was all good. I didn’t get too bored with the girly stuff before some action or something interesting happens." If anyone else said this, I’d be livid, but since it’s my dad? *Giggles*

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