Of Cupcakes & Calendars

I just looked at my Google Calendar and realized that next week is insane.

I am seeing four plays this weekend: a movement-based version of Lysistrata, a group of ten-minute plays based on urban legends (including Steve’s, based on one I’ve never heard of about a Mexican sewer rat?), a provocative new play about Gone with the Wind (!) and WWII and race called Antebellum, and a family comedy, The Dining Room.

Then next week I am seeing three concerts: The Kills and Blue October, and the national Poetry Out Loud competition (in which high schoolers from every state compete to recite poems).

I have to admit that this is one of the hardest parts, for me, about writing. I can give up TV and time cuddling on the couch with cat and husband. I can give up sleep. But I love going out. It’s inspiring, you know? I will write tonight, and probably Saturday afternoon, and Sunday before the gym and the matinee and the other show…but very little next week. I’ve tried committing to a write-every-day goal, but it just doesn’t work for me. Because of weeks like this.

Also on my calendar for next week: birthday! We’re throwing a Cupcakes & Cosmos party. I am trying to decide what kind of cupcakes to make myself. Want to help?

Which cupcake sounds the very most delicious?
A) Banana with honey-cinnamon frosting
B) Banana with peanut-butter frosting
C) Vanilla with strawberry buttercream

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