6 Things on a Saturday

1. I totally forgot to do my Question Friday yesterday! Gah! I’d like to say I was superbusy, but I spent the afternoon napping in celebration of our new summer hours. We have paid Friday afternoons off until mid-August. I’m crazy-grateful, since that gives me extra-long weekends to work on house stuff (and/or catch up on beauty sleep).

2. I am a list-making queen. Just today I made the following: To Do ASAP After We Move In, To Buy ASAP, To Buy Later, To Look for at Steve’s Parents’. (We are raiding their basement, which houses a ton of his grandparents’ old furniture. Yay for clutterbug tendencies! But just this once.) 

3. I also added several items to my 30 By 30 list, including: tour embassies (since I practically hang out the window drooling every time we drive past Embassy Row), go to Portrait Gallery, go to Hirshhorn, host Thankgiving (sooo excited about this! a holiday! in my own house!), and go to Nats game. I think I have room for 2-3 more items. Anybody have any fun suggestions? 

4. We bought a new couch and loveseat today! They are a pretty tomato color. Surprisingly, we were in total accord.

5. Steve hates sleigh beds. I think they are pretty, but he may have a point re: how much space they occupy (or "waste").  I encouraged him to let his feelings out ("haaaaate") as we meandered the furniture stores. It made it a lot more fun, actually.

6. After dinner we stopped at Barnes & Noble, where I bought The Demon’s Lexicon and Mind-Rain. When I went beamingly up to the counter, the salesclerk said, "Wow, you’re really happy. You love bookstores, don’t you?" I am such a dork.

Hope you’re all having a gorgeous weekend! 

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