It has been a very trying Monday.

The good news is that we are still getting a loan and we’re still getting the house.

The bad news is that it’s looking like we’ll have to postpone settlement by a few days. This means rescheduling the cleaners, movers, Comcast, furniture delivery, and my days off work. It means canceling my trip to the beach with my best friend’s family. It means a few more days of things being up in the air, a few more days living with half of our stuff packed up in boxes, a few more days of crazy-making uncertainty.

I am the sort of person who thrives on routine and organization. Moving makes me anxious under the best of circumstances, even though this will be my 7th move in the 8 years since college graduation. I will be so relieved when this process is finished.

But I am so, so grateful for my awesome parents, who stepped up right away when we needed them. And I am grateful for my friends, who saw my "freaking out" away status and sent me lots of reassuring messages.

I even got some pictures in my inbox. Which is cuter? I can’t decide.

Oh hai. I’m a baby kitten cavorting in flowers. Aren’t I adorable?

Hey. I’m Riggins. I’m broody.

Sorry, kitten.

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