Magnificent Monday

Ooh. When I walked outside this morning, my face was covered in a wide glad grin. Unusual for a Monday morning.
But it feels like fall.
It was the first crisp red-apple morning, the first hint of autumnal cool.
I just spent my lunch hour reading outside, surrounded by the chirp of crickets and excited back-to-school voices. With a venti Green Ginger tea.
I got a notice that Catching Fire has shipped and will be here tomorrow! And the rest of my order (bought with my latest Rewards certificate) will be here this afternoon: Jumping Off Swings and an eight-piece decorating set with different icing tips. I’m probably going to scare the UPS man with my enthusiasm again.
I have the latest installment of Steve’s Medea adaptation to read this afternoon. And he’s reading my latest set of revised chapters.
I promised to report back for accountability, and guess what? I met my revising goal for last week! In fact, I surpassed it. Chapters 9-15 are revised. Only three more to go! I am loving this draft with a crazy-fierce mama love. I have worked so hard on it, and I am proud of it.
My goal for this week is to finish those last three chapters and work on my sucky synopsis. Considering that I’ll be devouring some new books and painting our guest room and seeing some plays (the Page to Stage festival at the KenCen and Taming of the Shrew), I think that’s challenging but doable.
What are YOU happy about this Monday?

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