Thankful Thursday

How convenient that it is Thursday. I am very thankful today!

1. For air conditioning. It has been unrelentingly hot in DC–the kind of sweltering, ninety-five-degrees-plus-humidity weather usually reserved for August.

2. For cherry popsicles. See above.

3. For antibiotics! I found out last week I have Lyme Disease. Fortunately we caught it really early, so aside from a little fatigue, I haven’t had any complications.

4. For DECEPTION by Lee Nichols, which I can’t.put.down. Love.

5. For my awesome critique partner   because I love writing emails back and forth about our books and characters and the querying/submissions process.

6. For the kindness of strangers–I hope. I am going to be at ALA Saturday-Monday and I’m so nervous! This is my first-ever conference. I have plans to meet a few authors. And my eleventh grade English teacher will be there; I’m really excited to see her again. But I’m shy. But friendly. So if you see a girl like this wandering around, say hi?


(7. I am also thankful for my stylist, who is responsible for my newly repinked hair. More streaks this time! I love it.)

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