Getting Out of Here

In thirty-two minutes, I’m heading out of the city for a weekend in rural PA.

I love DC, but it loses some of its charm in the swampy days of August.

I haven’t seen my family since the end of May, so I’m super-excited. I’m staying at my mom’s–land of flowers, gardens, feral kittens, and my sisters. Tomorrow I’m spending the day at my dad’s family’s cabin, which was an inspiration for the setting in THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FOREST:

(photo courtesy of my talented sister A)

There will be veggie burgers, watermelon, reading in the hammock, a walk to the lake, toes in icy-cold water, shrieking kids, canoeing, and lots of stories about the kooky things Dad and the uncles did. I’m taking INFINITE DAYS and NIGHTSHADE with me because I can’t decide which to read first. Probably whichever one my sisters don’t immediately steal. I’m their YA book pimp, basically.

Wishing you all gorgeously relaxed weekends!

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