A few weeks ago, I did a post on my personal Dealmakers & Dealbreakers tropes in YA fiction.

Today, I’d like to present some of my current fashion Dealmakers.

1. Headbands. Especially ones that don’t press into my skull and give me a headache. I’ve got some crazy curls, so I have to do a substantial headband. And I favor bright colors: red, yellow, pink. I credit Blair Waldorf as my fashion inspiration here.

2. Tights. I bought a pair of grey sweater-tights the other day at Target and I’m in love. They’re so comfortable and warm! But I also love patterned argyle tights and, surprisingly, even the pair of bright pinky-purple ones I bought as an experiment the other night. Perfect to jazz up a black dress. I’ve got a ModCloth gift certificate and I’m coveting these: Beguile & Argyle

3. Booties. I tried on a ton of knee-high boots at DSW, but the fact is this: I have short, sturdy little legs. The boot/skirt combo doesn’t work well on me. But booties! I love ’em. These are my new favorites. I’ve been wearing them for three days now, and they’re actually incredibly comfortable.

4. Necklaces. I love pendants or necklaces with words. Like my Keep Calm & Carry On necklace. It’s not quite like this, but close.

And my Believe necklace, too!

5. This dress.

It’s basically everything I love all in one. Pink. A well-defined waist. A-line skirt. Strapless.

What are some of your fashion dealmakers?

Stay tuned for next week’s dealbreakers!

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