Fashion Friday: Wishlist

Aren’t these shoes cute?

I’m pretty sure I couldn’t walk in them, but I think they’re preeeetty.
I’m heading out to Leesburg on Sunday to hit the outlets. Here are some things I’m hoping to find:
1. A pair of bright-pink flats. How do I not already own some?!
2. A brown corduroy skirt. I have an ass, folks, which makes buying skirts tricksy. Pencil skirts don’t fit properly. Ruffy, tiered, or pleated skirts are less than flattering. I’m an A-line girl, but I also like to rock the occasional miniskirt with tights.
3. More brightly-colored or patterned tights.
4. V-neck sweaters in the following colors: pink, orange, red, yellow. 
What’s on your wishlist at the moment? Or do you have any recommendations for any of the above?

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