I ♥ Monday

 Business first: congrats to , who won my giveaway for ANNA & THE FRENCH KISS!

♥ My third draft of Thrice. Which is finished! Now it can be Christmas! I am so merry!

I am really, ridiculously pleased with the new draft. I spent eight hours revising yesterday. I made one particular change–not how something happens, but why, and I think it adds so much. Cate’s in a difficult position, she makes a selfish choice, and the consequences wallop her over the head later. I’m so excited about this story, you guys! I really, really, really ♥ it.

♥ Dropbox. My old pink Dell started giving up the ghost months ago, so I quit using it for the most part. Tonight I finally Dropboxed all my old drafts of Garolass and all my music (it was my primary iTunes computer). Dropbox is also fantastic because I can share stuff between my work computer and my netbook.

♥ Christmas music! I can’t wait for the Glee Christmas episode tomorrow! I’ve been listening to their Christmas album nonstop. My favorite is definitely the flirty Kurt/Blaine "Baby It’s Cold Outside." That’s one of my favorite Christmas songs anyway, along with "It Came Upon a Midnight Clear" and "It’s a Marshmallow World." What’s your favorite?

♥ My new pajamas. They’re pink and plaid and really soft. 

♥ Grande nonfat cinnamon lattes. They’re my winter splurge drink. Not quite as sweet as a caramel brulee latte, not as sinful as a salted caramel hot chocolate, not as easy to mess up as peppermint mochas. 

♥ Unexpected discoveries. I just found the first 50 pages of the Valentine’s day love book I started, and I…don’t hate it. In fact, I think it’s kind of charming. It’s the book that was going to be about magic cupcakes, and then I wasn’t sure the magic element worked, and now I’m wondering if I have the chops to write a straight contemporary. 

What do you love today?

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