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I’m going to SCBWI NY in a few weeks. It’s my second conference–the first being ALA, where I basically just floated around the exhibit floor in a bibliophile haze. This time I’ll actually be attending panels, hearing editors talk about the YA market and being inspired by other writers. Like Sara Zarr!  Anyway, this–plus some Christmas gift certificates–is the perfect excuse to buy some professional yet fun stuff from ModCloth, right?

This is what I’m thinking:

First, the Let’s Be Buds dress. If you click, you can see the back, which has an awesome gold zipper. You can also see a close-up of the pattern, which looks less…upholstery…I think. With brown tights and cute red flats? I’m all about the flats for conferences.

Second, the Falling For You frock. With black tights and a ruffly black cardi?

Third, the Couch Tour dress. This one’s my favorite. I’m thinking a purple cardigan and tights and multicolored plaid flats.

Yeah, it’s three weeks away and I’ve already planned my outfits. What else is a girl supposed to do when she’s procrastinating on starting her new book? (More on that soon, but it’s been like pulling teeth. But the idea won’t let me alone! It’s driving me a little crazy.)

What about you? Any fun purchases or gifts over the holidays? If you’re going to SCBWI too, let me know!

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  1. Love all of them! Perfect for writerly businessy things. I wish I could justify purchases for my "spring" mini-residency for school … but by "spring," they actually mean "late January," and it's in Buffalo.

    January in Buffalo. What I actually need are 14 more layers of winter clothing.

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