Me Me Me Me (Author Photos)

I have author photos!











Looking at fifty pictures of yourself will make a girl a tad self-conscious, but these 4 are my favorite. I’d love to hear which one YOU would like to see on my book jacket and why.

All photos courtesy of my lovely photographer, Anne Chan.

33 Responses

  1. I really like the last one at the bottom. Your eyes are not completely closed, it looks like you're looking at me, the light coming from the side is shining well on your hair. Simply put: it's PERFECT.

  2. Melissa

    Top row – second one in – your smile is AWESOME and it shows more of your personality than the others (though all are lovely).

  3. Sarah Cobb

    All are absolutely beautiful. I am stuck trying to decide. I enjoy the second one in (as someone else said your personality really shows in your smile in this particular picture). However, the last one is really all around stunning. Tough call.

  4. Jill Kroos

    #2 looks seems to bring out the most of your personality. I also like #3 because it seems the most "intelligent and maybe kind of formidable author who commands respect." #4 is a pretty good medium between the two.

  5. I love #2 and #4! If I had to choose just one, I'd go with #4, mostly because of your posture and the way the background makes your smile and the color of your blouse just pop!

    You look beautiful in them! I can't wait to see one in your cover jacket!!!!

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