Friday 5

1. I have a pub date! BORN WICKED will be out February 7, 2012! 02/07/12. I like the look of that. Being able to put it on my calendar makes it feel so real!

2. I saw my cover on Wednesday. It is so, so pretty and I love it. It’s not final and who knows when I will be able to share it. But I’m very, very happy with it!

3. I am donating a prize for the Help Write Now auction to benefit the Red Cross and victims of the horrible storms last month. My prize will be a 50-page critique, a query critique, and the chance to have a character (a girl accused of witchery) named after you in BORN WICKED. If you’re interested, it will be posted on Saturday and will run through Monday.

4. Thanks to everyone who left me birthday wishes on Tuesday and entered my contest! The lovely Steph Wooten won a copy of MOONGLASS. I am continuing to celebrate my birthday (I like to celebrate for a whole week, basically) with my Cupcakes & Cosmos party on Saturday. I decided on key lime, salted caramel, and German chocolate cupcakes. My friend Joel is also going to make me these Flourless Chocolate Beet Cupcakes (#31). I am deeply intrigued. Who knows what else people will show up with? I will take pictures for your cupcake edification and envy.

5. My first revision deadline is coming up FAST on May 15. *flails* I probably won’t blogging much next week (except for those cupcake pictures) as I’ll be in the Revision Cave. I WILL probably be on twitter wavering between epic love for this book and crazy-making fear.

How did it get to be 3:30? These are the hours I keep when I don’t have to get up for work.

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  1. Sarah P

    Oh, oh! I missed your b-day. Happy, happy! I wish for you in the coming year a repeat of all the wonderful work and surprises of last year. Putting 2/7/12 into ical!!

    – sep

  2. So exciting about having a date!!! And getting to see your cover! Triple squeeeeeeee! And entering crazy whirl of edits to meet your date. Hope you're able to focus on the exciting and not get bogged down by the stress. I can't wait to see your cover when you can go public with it!!!

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