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I bought a treadmill desk last week. Or rather, I bought this treadmill and this plastic shelf that attaches to it. Both things were pretty easy to set up (required less than an hour total) and I am in love. I’ve been using it for 45 minutes to an hour each day, and I can totally see myself using it even more once it’s less hot and I’m in better shape. 

 I’ve been fighting with my weight for awhile now, between comfort eating through the ups and downs of publishing and some medication I take. I’ve gained *gulp* thirty pounds in the last five years since my wedding. It’s not healthy and frankly, no matter how many cute dresses I wear, I’ve been wincing at recent pictures of myself. It came to a head a few weeks ago when I was denied my first choice of health insurance because my BMI was over 27. It’s a weird, shameful thing. Even though I know I’m in no way lazy or stupid, being technically fat makes me feel that way. I know tons of women have body-image issues, and I am hardly alone in this…but I still feel embarrassed writing about it. 

Anyway, I’m really delighted with the treadmill desk. I love that I can’t beg off exercising even when I’m busy because it allows me to multitask. I’ve walked while critiquing multiple friends’ manuscripts, while participating in an Elevensies-Apocalypsies chat, while g-chatting with a friend in San Diego, while writing emails and this blog post. 
Whilst I’m recommending things: I got stickers today with my cover on them! They are so pretty. I love them. I keep threatening to put one on my cat. If you get mail from me in the next few months, stickers will definitely be included. I totally recommend Moo and can’t wait to order some postcards next!
(Note: the colors look better and more vivid in person than they do in this iPhone-camera pic.)

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  1. Sasha

    Great post, Jessie! I too have recently blogged about body issues and took today as the first step in re-introducing some good work outs in my life. 30 mins on the bike and 20 on my new elliptical. I also have a treadmill — like this idea of the treadmill desk. Is this a piece just for your specific treadmill or something that can go on anything? I used to blog and FB from my bike. Not sure I can do that with my new "gym set up" in the basement. If you get a chance, let me know about that desk!

    1. Sasha, it says it works with lots of treadmills. The straps that secure it can be attached in different ways, I think. It's only $40 on Amazon, and I'm sure you can return it if it doesn't work out! I really really like it.

      Is your blog public? I'd love to read it.

  2. *fistbump* I love my treadmill desk too — but I've been way lazy about writing a blog about it (soon, I promise). I've always been a person who paced and fidgeting her way through plotting, so the treadmill makes me so much more productive (and my neighbors probably think I'm much more sane now that I'm not going for late night walks where I talk to myself).

    I'm proud of you for choosing to make some healthy changes! Keep making walking words and I'm sure you'll be feeling healthier in no time. *hugs*

    1. Thanks so much, Tiffany! *hugs back* I used to take a lot of brainstorming walks–I'm curious to see if walking on the treadmill with my iPod when I'm stuck will have the same helpful effect (at least until it's not 8 million degrees outside). And when you get to it, I'm curious to see pics of your setup!

  3. Sarah P

    Ah, I totally understand. I've been struggling with it, too, and a recent health issue has reminded me how important it is to take care of myself. I have a new obsession – Jazzercise. For medical reasons, I have a slightly restricted diet right now, and once I'm let off the reigns (hopefully), I'm not letting my health slip anymore. It's too important.

    Good for you with the treadmill and the outline and everything. All of that is good for body and mind. 🙂

    1. jessica_shea

      Thanks, Sarah. I hope you're feeling better soon. And keep taking care of yourself–it's so easy to let it be the first thing to go, and I imagine it's even more true when you're a mommy, but you deserve it.

  4. Jill Kroos

    I love my treadmill desk! Although, mine is an ikea shelf installed just above the treadmill, and I use it for less productive things like watching True Blood while I run.

    And I know it doesn't help much, but people who take stock in BMI are idiots. It's meant to be for population averages and not individuals. My trainer is technically overweight by BMI standards and you can count his abs.

      1. Jill Kroos

        Yay! I know it was probably at your place or something, but I can't imagine that get together anywhere outside of the green room surrounded by blue ikea furniture.

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