6 Things on a Saturday

AKA Random Things That Make Me Happy

1. I bought a Nook Touch yesterday! I’ve had a Sony e-reader for awhile but I did not love it. Because I did not love it, I was letting all kinds of amazing e-galleys from Netgalley and S&S GalleyGrab expire before I read them. The experience just didn’t compare to a real paper book for me. But I really like the feel of the Nook Touch: the size of it, the page turns, the ability to take notes without the stylus, the different fonts and sizes.

2. Yesterday I ate a lobster grilled cheese. It was SO GOOD. I don’t like lobster rolls–texture issue–but this was cheesy deliciousness.

3. I also had a hot-stone massage yesterday. (It was a really excellent day.) I’m lucky to have a fantastic, affordable massage therapist two blocks away. I have been trying to make sure I get a massage every month to iron out some of the knots in my back and shoulders from my horrendous posture.

4. My Modcloth addiction continues on apace. I just bought the Patchmaker, Patchmaker and Daisy Days of Summer dresses.

5. Tonight I’m going to see my friend Alissa’s ceramics exhibit at an art gallery. I have two really talented visual artist friends and I’ve had some great discussions with them lately about how they conceive and execute their pieces. It’s really fascinating when they don’t have the ability to “revise” the way writers do.

6. Tomorrow marks 6 months until BORN WICKED is released! EEP. I am so excited! And mildly terrified. But mostly excited! Check back in on Monday for a giveaway of some highly-coveted ARCs!

How’s your weekend going?

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