Friday 5

1. If you requested BORN WICKED bookmarks and stickers, they are on their way to you! Thank you so much for all the interest. I mailed out almost fifty swag packs on Tuesday. And then on Wednesday I had an awesome hot-stone massage, and my therapist was all, you have crazy knots in your forearms! Occupational hazards from typing plus signing 200 bookmarks, maybe?

2. I did a fun interview with Cate over on The Nightstand blog, where you get to see both what she says and what she thinks. (Hint: not the same.) Check it out and leave a comment?

3. I am also participating in Wastepaper Prose’s Author Insight series on Thursdays. This week I shared my biggest misconception about the publishing industry. Apparently, my experience is atypical.

4. It’s my fifth wedding anniversary today. Tonight The Playwright and I are going to a food truck festival, Truckeroo, where I intend to consume gourmet grilled cheese and tater tots. Tomorrow we’re going to the Crafty Bastards arts & crafts fair in Adams Morgan.

5. I am a lucky girl. The Playwright has handled the transition to me working at home with him with so much generosity and grace. He pries me out of bed in the morning, makes me fantastic sandwiches for lunch, brings me tea, reads my pages and assures me they don’t suck, lets me gloat when the FedEx packages are for me, doesn’t ridicule me for singing ridiculous songs to the cat, and makes me laugh. In short: he’s my very favorite person. Happy anniversary, boo!


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