Creepy Reading Recs

So, I’m going to California next week! For 12 days! I will be in San Diego visiting my bestie Jill, and then The Playwright and I are going to drive up the coast (we’re renting a convertible!) and visit a bunch of wineries and the crazy Winchester House and stay in some awesome B&Bs, and then we’re going to hang out in San Francisco for a long weekend (and see the Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer show)! If you are in any of these places and have suggestions on Fun Things To Do, I would love advice. I’ve never been to CA before! (This is also, by far, the longest vaca The Playwright and I have ever taken. It’s a combination book-deal and 5-year-anniversary celebration. We wanted to go to CA for our honeymoon and couldn’t afford it. I’m REALLY excited.)

Because I am a giant dork, I am not only thinking about what to wear (I really want to see if I can pack everything into a carry-on–good practice for tour! but it is 12 days!) but also what books to bring. I have no shortage of options; I have a towering TBR bookshelf. Because so many people told me it was awesome, and because she is Amazing Editor Ari’s author and therefore must be awesome, I am definitely bringing Rachel Hawkins’ HEX HALL. But I was also thinking that since it coincides with Halloween, I should load some old school creepy reading onto my Nook. Like Christopher Pike and Lois Duncan.

I’ve recently(ish) reread Pike’s LAST ACT and WEEKEND, which are my favorites. Do you have any other recommendations? Any outlandish favorites? I feel like there was one about astral projection but I can’t remember the title…


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