I ♥ Thursday

♥ DOWNTON ABBEY: So I watched the first season on the plane trips to and from California, and I am basically in love with it. The rising Edwardian social tensions between the working class and the aristocracy, and women’s fight to vote! Lady Sybil’s interest in (I hope) the cute socialist coachman! Gwen’s desire to be more than a housemaid! Sharklike Thomas and horrible, awful O’Brien! Anna + Mr.  Bates! Poor clueless Daisy and William! And the costumes! And everything out of Maggie Smith’s mouth! “What is a weekend?” I could keep going. At book club a few months ago, those of us who hadn’t seen it yet were roundly castigated. RIGHTLY SO. You can download the entire first season on iTunes for $10! I am now dying for season 2. 

♥ This dress from Betsey Johnson. And this one, too. So pretty! So pricey! 

♥ Lia Habel’s DEARLY, DEPARTED. The worldbuilding is imaginative and awesome: steampunk neo-Victorian under siege from zombies. There are multiple POVs, which is done so well; I tend to prefer one narrator over the other, but in this case they were all fascinating. I love the heroine, Nora, who’s stubborn and strong despite her fairly sheltered upbringing, and her friend Pam, who grows up so much. And Bram, the zombie love interest–I wasn’t sure I could buy a zombie love interest, but I totally do. He’s utterly charming but he still sounds like a real guy, not a totally idealized one. I’m so glad there will be a sequel! 

♥ My writer friends. I’ve been experiencing some…let’s call it OMG PANIC FLAIL about finishing Cahill Witch Chronicles #2, which is due at the beginning of Dec. I’m really, really excited about some of the scenes I’ve written, some of the conflicts between Cate and characters new and old, the ways she’s growing and struggling (and, God, totally screwing up, poor girl). But I have to write another 30k this month and that’s much faster than I’ve written before, so it’s daunting. And it’s happening while I’m getting my first unfavorable reviews (I know I shouldn’t read them, but there are lovely heart-warming reviews too!), which makes it hard. But my friends Katie and Tiffany and Jackie and Robin and Caroline have been incredible cheerleaders, even though they’re all super-busy with their own Very Important deadlines and rewrites and querying and stuff!

♥ Everyone who’s read BORN WICKED and taken the time to tell me that they enjoyed it. Your tweets and Goodreads reviews means the world to me. Thank you!

What are YOU  loving this week? 

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