Question Friday: Pie Edition

Now that I have Pinterest to share my fashion favorites, I’m reintroducing an old Friday feature. I hope you’ll play along! Leave your answers in the comments.

1. Pumpkin pie OR pecan pie?

2. Berry pie showdown: blueberry OR raspberry OR blackberry OR strawberry?

3. Lemon meringue OR banana cream OR key lime?

4. Chocolate-peanut butter OR chocolate chess?

5. Cherry OR apple?

Did I miss your favorite combination? Tell me about it in the comments!

2 Responses

  1. Rachel

    1. Pumpkin pie

    2. Blueberry pie

    3. Lemon meringue

    4. Chocolate chess

    5. Cooked apple

    God! Typing that down on my iPod made me hungry and their all so YUMMY

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