Question Friday: Fictional Boyfriends

1. I’ve been crazy finishing up Book Two this week, but I really do want to get on a proper blogging schedule, and be better about replying to comments Right now. I’m thinking  I <3 Mondays, a writing/book post mid-week, and a Question Friday, with the Thrice Interviews scattered throughout on Apocalypsie release dates. Is there anything else you’d like to see on my blog? Let me know!

2. I turned in the rough draft of Cahill Witch Chronicles Book 2 yesterday! Well, technically today at 4AM. I’m so happy! It’s by far the fastest I’ve ever written (I started it in mid-August, and wrote 35k in November alone). I worked really, really hard and I’m pretty proud of it. Current stats: 255 pages, 75000 words, 19 chapters, lots of kissing and arguments and magic fights. My beta readers have been very kind, including The Playwright (my toughest critic), who claims it is “brutal and awesome.” I love it.

3. I can’t wait to hear what Amazing Editor thinks. She started reading it this morning and says that so far there is LOTS TO LOVE. Squee! But I know she’ll suss out its weaknesses, too, and then we can get started on revisions. I love revision! Drafting is so painstaking for me; I’m such a perfectionist. I feel like — you know how sometimes you can almost see something out of the corner of your eye, or hear a song but not make out the words? That’s how drafting feels. I can feel what I want the book to be, but everything still feels inept and fumbling. I’m going to do a longer post next week about my writing process. 

4. If you’re interested in reading about Cate and Finn early, check out a snippet from BORN WICKED on Ruby’s Reads. You can also find out who my top 5 fictional boyfriends are!

5. Actually, that’s a good Question Friday cheat. Who are YOUR 5 favorite fictional boyfriends? Tell me in the comments! And don’t forget to enter my giveaway for Miranda Kenneally’s awesome debut, CATCHING JORDAN, in the previous post! 

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  1. Rachel

    1) Daniel from the fallen series

    2) Lucas from the evernight series

    3) Jace from the mortal instrumentals series

    4) Edward from the twilight saga

    5) Eric from sookie stackhouse series

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