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Today I’m trying to finish a chapter for the sequel, and do a few more guest posts, and catch up on the last few episodes of ONCE and REVENGE while I write some thank-you notes. I had a small meltdown earlier about finding pens that would write on glossy postcards, which was solved with the patient help of The Playwright. I’m excited and nervous and overwhelmed and did I mention excited? I am also all over the internets this week:

An interview with Ellen Oh at the Enchanted Inkpot, in which I reveal the original ending for BORN WICKED and discuss whether I consider it a romance about a witch or a story about three sisters.

An interview with Kate at Ex Libris Kate, in which I discuss my literary and real-life heroines.

An interview and giveaway with Anna at Peace Love Teen Fiction, in which I reveal the narrator for book two and discuss where I’d fit in in Cate’s world (hint: I don’t think I’d be a witch, but I’d still be in trouble with the Brothers).

And a really lovely 4-star review from Romantic Times, which says: The feminist undertones, the descriptions of sumptuous dresses, the dangerous, secretive magic wielding: Born Wicked is like a fun, more sizzling version of THE WITCH OF BLACKBIRD POND.  Squee!

Also, I’ve done several posts for the BORN WICKED Teen Book Scene blog tour:

And there will be more to come next week! Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


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