Thoughtful Thursday

Because I love lists, things on my mind today: 
  • Exactly how angry is Maura with Cate?
  • What is Paul’s role in Cate’s life now? What does he think of her decisions?
  • Will I be allowed to reveal the title and release date for book 2 tomorrow? (maybe! stay tuned!)
  • I’m not really great at internet hiatuses.
  • But I’m using Scrivener, playing around with scenes out of order in book 2, and it’s making it feel fun again! Yay! I am so relieved by this.
  • Should I dye blue streaks in my hair? I’ve done pink before…
  • I hope the play we’re seeing tonight (CIVILIZATION at Woolly Mammoth) is as good as the play we saw on Tuesday (RED at Arena Stage) which was my favorite thing I’ve seen in ages.
  • I wonder if all siblings have moments of “Why does s/he get everything?” I read a little gem of a book, SISTERS OF GLASS, last night, that had some wonderful sisterly moments.
  • And it was set in Venice! I love Venice. I want to go back.
  • I don’t think I could ever write a novel in verse, but I enjoy reading them. (See: I HEART YOU, YOU HAUNT ME by Lisa Schroeder; AUDITION by Stasia Ward Kehoe)
  • I’m having Cate-like moments of wanting to look after my sisters lately. Fortunately, next weekend, we’ll all be in PA together.
  • My mom asked me if I’d come to her work next Friday and sign books for all her coworkers. It’s so super-nice that they’ve all bought BORN WICKED!
  • I wonder if I should also review 4-star books on Goodreads. Right now I’m only doing 5 star reviews for books I really love. But sometimes there are other books I genuinely enjoy, and the only thing separating them from being a 5 star for me is that ephemeral something that makes you fall in love with a book, makes it resonate and stick with you for awhile. And I’m reading so many e-galleys and ARCs lately, I want to recommend things whenever I can. But would author-friends be hurt if I gave their books 4 stars though?
  • I’m addicted to the show LYING GAME on ABC Family. I am a sucker for stories about twins, especially if one of them is sort of psychotic (I blame Sweet Valley High). The actress who plays Laurel is so pretty — and talented, I love the songs her band plays on the show. Also, I really like the name Bas for a boy. Maybe a future character name?

What’s on your mind today?

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