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Hi! Welcome to Craft Week on my blog! Today’s topic is where I write.

Mostly I write in my office. Usually, I write all hunched over on my awesome loveseat, with a candle burning and an enormous cup of tea at the ready. I got the storage ottoman from Crate & Barrel and I love it dearly. Behind me, there’s my writing calendar (more on that later this week) and some framed prints from the Fables comics. I’m actually moving those downstairs soon because I got some awesome inspirational prints — one says Chin up, buttercup! and one says I am simply a book drunkard (a quote from L.M. Montgomery). I am just starting to write at my desk, because I just got that green swivel chair from IKEA. Can you see the little “Jessica Spotswood: Author” desk plaque? My friend Laura bought that for me several Christmases ago, when getting published was still far off, and happily her faith in me was rewarded. There’s also a toy dragon from my CP Katie and vase my friend Alissa made and a tiny yellow cactus I’m hoping to keep alive and a Thoreau quote: “Books are the treasured wealth of the world and the fit inheritance of generations and nations.”








I’m not showing you the third side of my office, because the bookshelves are a total mess. I do have a (dying) orchid and (still healthy I hope) bamboo plant though. And I’m thinking about getting a goldfish. I’m not sure how Monkey would feel about that, though. The office is his in the mornings, when Mr. Sunbeam makes an appearance.







My husband The Playwright loves to write at coffee shops. He’s much more focused than I am and can write with music on. This leads to situations where I have a question and raise my hand and he calls on me like we’re in school. I just bought some headphones and a white noise app, so maybe that will help my writing-away-from-home concentration. I do get a bit stir-crazy sometimes, and we have a fantastic neighborhood coffee shop! They have red walls and chandeliers and display great local art. They also have fantastic iced tea and a lack of scones (which is good for my diet). Here’s a pic of The Playwright there! Adorable, is he not? 😉


Tomorrow’s post will be about how I write — what programs and apps I find useful!

What about you? If you’re a writer, where do you write?

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