Hi! I’m in NYC this week for vacation. Most of my travel this year has involved promotion for BORN WICKED, which has been amazing, but this is a just-for-fun trip with The Playwright. As big Amanda Palmer fans, we backed her Kickstarter, so we get to attend two of her concerts this week (a big one at the Music Hall of Williamsburg and a small acoustic gallery show). We’re also seeing two theatrical shows (although Amanda Palmer is pretty damn theatrical herself) – the urban acrobatic show TRACE and the musical ONCE (with Awesome Agent Jim). And having dinner with friends tonight in Williamsburg and getting to see Andrea and meet her new puppy and lunch with Editor Ari and hang with our grad school friend Meg before she jets off to London this fall. It’s kind of a busy five days. But there’s also a hammock in our hotel room, so there will be some downtime for reading.

Quick administrative notes: Congrats to Gabrielle Carolina for winning the copy of SOMETHING LIKE NORMAL. I totally encourage the rest of you to go out and buy it or borrow it from your library because it’s awesome!

Also, in updating Intense Debate, I seem to have effed up and lost a bunch of my blog comments – that was after the contest, so it’s all good, but thanks to everyone who commented on my Craving post. It is nice to feel understood by other writerly types. 🙂

Also, I’m now halfway through the second season of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS and I loooove it. I’m kind of obsessed. Not just with Tim Riggins (although wow) but with the amazing storytelling and acting. Tami Taylor and her marriage and mothering are incredible and fascinating to me. Saracen breaks my heart. Tyra is another favorite; I’m secretly hoping that Riggins will grow up a bit and they’ll end up together. (Don’t tell me!)


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  1. Desiree

    Oooh, Friday Night lights is awesome. I don’t even like football and I devoured that show. I watched the first two seasons within a week which meant NEVER doing anything else but sitting in front of the TV! It’s been a while I should delve into it again. Enjoy. Tim is my go to fantasy guy!

  2. Heather

    Born Wicked is by far one of the best books I have read recently. Having two sisters, I can definitely relate to the need to protect and yet tear their hair out at the same time. I definitely cannot wait until Star Cursed comes out! On a side note Amanda Palmer is freakin’ awesome! I’ve only been able to see her live once but it was amazing. Hopefully I’ll be able to see her again soon!

    1. Thanks so much for reading, Heather! I love hearing from readers who have sisters and can identify with Cate!

      Amanda Palmer's going on tour again in Sept – tickets are on sale Monday! I don't know where you are, but hopefully you can make one of those dates! We're going to the one in DC for sure.

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