Fall To-Do List

Fall is my absolute favorite season, so I thought I’d make a list of a few of the things I’m looking forward to this year. (Note: my version of fall starts Labor Day and lasts until November 30.)

  • outlet shopping with the BFF in November
  • visiting a few northern VA wineries some weekend
  • doing something fun with The Playwright for our anniversary (we’re contemplating going to the zoo or the Baltimore aquarium)
  • going to the Renaissance Festival
  • baking chocolate-chip pumpkin muffins
  • Friendsgiving
  • Thanksgiving at home with football, crab cakes, mac & cheese, board games
  • drinking apple cider
  • making butternut squash-apple soup & Moroccan vegetable stew
  • shopping at Eastern Market during perfect jeans/sweater/scarf weather
  • going for walks and taking pictures of the trees
  • baking apple dumplings (I’ve never done this before, but I love my mom’s)
  • picking & carving pumpkins
  • going to the NEA Heritage Concert
  • napping during football games on Sundays
  • wandering around the H St Festival

other fall highlights particular to this year include:

  • finishing STAR CURSED (so close! it goes to copyedits by September 15)
  • starting book 3
  • rereading all my old Lois Duncan books (more on this later)
  • doing an Apocalypsies signing at Children’s Book World Oct 26 (Haverford, PA)
  • seeing Amanda Palmer and Florence + the Machine in concert (er, separately)
  • the Pinky Swear Gala (this is one of our favorite theatre companies in DC)
  • going to the Fierce Reads signing in Bethesdace
  • celebrating Andrea’s book launch (TORCHED by Andrea Lynn Colt, out Sept 10!)
  • going to the Lititz Children’s Book Festival Nov 10 (Lititz, PA)
  • catching up on CASTLE before new episodes premiere (I juuust finished the 3rd season and OMGWTFBBQ)

What about you? What are you most looking forward to about Fall?

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  1. Jessica N

    Fall is my favorite too! I’m really looking forward to pumpkins and Halloween with my two year old! Also, it takes forever to see the colors change in the trees way down south, but I’m love it! By the way, Lois Duncan is one of my favorites! I discovered her in middle school about fifteen years ago! 🙂

    1. Oh, it must be so fun to take pics of your little one dressed up for Halloween and in pumpkin patches and such! I look forward to doing that when I have one of my own!

      I've now reread all 4 of my old Lois Duncan books (DON'T LOOK BEHIND YOU, SUMMER OF FEAR, STRANGER WITH MY FACE, and THE THIRD EYE) and ended up ordering 3 more!

  2. Jessica, I LOVE your version of fall! All the delicious cozy fall comfort foods and drinks, mmm, I can smell them already. 😉 And shopping at Eastern Market in boots and sweaters–so right there with you on that. Boot weather, period! My favorite

    Ooh, and you're in for a treat with Season 4 of Castle. I CAN'T WAIT for the new season!

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