Friday Finds #5

recent contest winners (and stay tuned, ’cause we’re having a BLACK CITY contest next week!)

for VENOM: Susan Sowers Light
for ARCs of LEGEND, VENOM, and BLACK CITY: Ariella
for DEAR TEEN ME: Claire Castagnera

around the internet: I’ve got an interview over at Girls With Books 

appearing: Saturday at the Lititz Kidlit Festival in Lititz, PA! Details here

watching: NASHVILLE! I have such a girl crush on Connie Britton, and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to see her as anything besides Tami Taylor (best character ever!), but she’s great as Rayna, and I love that this is a show propelled by stories about 3 women

reading: Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton series – sexy historical romance! My favorite so far is #3, AN OFFER FROM A GENTLEMAN
books out this week that I am most excited about: Laini Taylor’s DAYS OF BLOOD AND STARLIGHT

listening to: still Taylor Swift! “Treacherous” is my favorite right now

favorite purchase: this adorable owl humidifier 

working on: I just finished copyedits for STAR CURSED! And I am a dork because I love this part. I’m fascinated by learning what I do wrong, and what my writerly tics are (using too many commas, which words I repeat, using “hiss” as a dialogue tag without sibilant sounds). And now it’s going to the typesetter and then it’ll be printed into ARCs. I can’t wait to see it all book-shaped! And now I’m starting work on book 3. NaNo has been a bit of a bust for me so far because I am terrible at multi-tasking books, but I’m still hoping to get to at least 30k by the end of the month.
What’s going on with YOU this week?

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